Affectionately known as Singapore‘s Chow Yun Fat, Li Nanxing has this aura that will mesmerize anybody around him.Charming, cool and charismatic have always been the words often used to describe him in any feature article.

In 1995, he clinched the first Best Actor Award when it was introduced in the station’s annual Star Awards for his brilliant performance in “Wounded Tracks”. Nanxing’s star shone even brighter when he became the first male artiste to cross over to the silver screen when he played alongside Hong Kong’s heavenly king Any Lau in the movie”What A Wonderful World”. 

But many Singaporeans, and fans across Asia, will undoubtedly remember Nanxing best, as the ‘King of Gamblers’, Yanfeiin the local drama “The Unbeatables”. This role solidified his image and persona in the hearts of viewers and eventually spawned 3 sequels.

 In 2004, Nanxing received the All Time Favourite Award after securing the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Awards for 10 consecutive years. True to form, Nanxing has risen to a level of stardom that few of his contemporaries could match, and has brilliantly built his reputation by convincingly bringing to life any character that he takes on.

In 2011, Nanxing returns to the big screen as the lead actor and first time co-director in the gambling-theme movie“The Ultimate Winner”.  A year later, this well-loved actor again goes behind the lens as co-producer for the action-packed triad film “Imperfect”.

With a long list of accolades to his name, it is also exactly why this actor-turned-filmmaker and multiple Best Actor award winner would be better known as the “King of Caldecott Hill”.